My name is Grant McCreary, and back in 2006 I created The Birder’s Library so that I could review and write about bird books. But over time I found that there were other things that I wanted to write about – trip reports, conservation, and other things of a personal nature – that didn’t really fit in with the theme of the site. Thinking that I didn’t have enough time to write a personal blog as well, I kept pushing the idea aside. But I finally decided to go for it, and started this site in May 2010.

I started birding relatively recently – in the summer of 2003. But I became hooked very quickly. I’ve read everything that I can get my hands on and have tried to get out birding as much as possible. I’ve been able to bird my home state of Georgia fairly extensively. I’ve also been fortunate to get away to some hotpots such as Southeast Arizona, the Lower Rio Grande Valley, and Costa Rica. On a trip to Colorado in April 2007 I broke the 500 species mark for the ABA area. But I have to admit that while I like to think I’m a pretty good birder, I’m no expert.